Color Theory
💬 Specific colors have certain qualities and meanings attributed to them.  When looking for specific meanings, it's best to pay attention to colors that are seen in the character's physical body (such as eyes, skin, teeth, energies, etc.) rather than accessories.  Accessories on otherwise 'colorless' characters can be meaningful.

Heroic Position - In a Heroic Position, red is symbolic of a strong sense of righteousness and a protective nature.  Reds are naturally passionate characters.  In a heroic position, these strong characters become equally as strong protectors, seeking to shelter the weak behind their almost indomitable spirits.  A heroic red is a good shoulder to cry on, and will do everything in their power to fix any problem their loved ones come to them with.  They can easily take on far too much in this blind effort, so it's important that they have a good support system behind them lest they burn out quickly.  Even then, heroic reds have a bad habit of hiding their troubles and trying to shoulder them on their own.  They have the energy to be a team leader, though their quick thinking can sometimes become a lack of thinking.

Neutral Position - In a Neutral Position, red is symbolic of strong beliefs and passion.  Reds are intense characters who do everything with conviction.  They hold intense emotions, and as such, are quite guarded about themselves and who they let close.  When reds do let someone close, they're quick to grow attachments and expectations, leaving them open to be hurt often when these expectations are not met.  A red can hold a grudge when they feel they've been slighted and can be a little too quick to burn bridges when they feel a relationship is on a downward trend.  To protect a sensitive heart, reds sometimes adopt aloof and cold personas, fueling their own lonliness.

Antagonistic Position - In an Antagonistic Position, red is symbolic of destruction and aggression.  In positions of power, an antagonistic red is a nigh unstoppable force of destruction that might even go so far as taking pleasure in causing pain and misery.  In a subordinate role, they should not be trusted, as they are masterful manipulators who can quickly sew distrust and disorder within any rank.  Antagonistic reds are vengeful and hold grudges.  They are incredibly distrustful entities who are near impossible to befriend, with any friendships being mere alliances in order to protect themselves or their interests. 


Heroic Position - In a Heroic Position, blue is symbolic of kindness and selflessness.  Blues are somewhat naive by default.  A heroic blue believes in the inherent goodness in all things, and is only begrudgingly conscious of the evil in the world.  They think with their heart before their head in most cases, and find the world incredibly unfair and cruel. 

Neutral Position - In a Neutral Position, blue is symbolic of sensitivity and independence.

Antagonistic Position - In an Antagonistic Position, blue is symbolic of self interest and ego.


Heroic Position - In a Heroic Position, purple is symbolic of an open mind and adaptability.  Heroic purples are eager to help those around them with their knowledge, and show their affection through gifts and acts of service.  Heroic purples are diligent workers who find themselves as the keystone of any team, whether that be through their knowledge or through their character.  The same thoughtfulness that powers their studious natures can lead them to overthink, but they're not afraid to seek a helping hand when they need it. While they aren't quite fit to be the leading hero, they flourish in team or family settings.

Neutral Position - In a Neutral Position, purple is symbolic of logic and reason.  In its natural state, purple is quiet, thoughtful, and reserved.  Purple can be a great source of knowledge and advice, though they seldom like to be in charge.  A neutral purple is a hard worker that can self isolate on accident by losing themselves in their work.  Purple is deeply critical of themselves, and tends to get into their own head, which can hold them back from fully actualizing their potential, held back by fear of imperfections or mistakes.  Despite this, purples are good at maintaining their composure and can be trusted to be a level head in stressful situations.

Antagonistic Position - In an Antagonistic Position, purple is symbolic of stubborn beliefs and an inability to compromise.  Purple in an antagonistic role becomes something of a tyrannical king in positions of power, or otherwise risks becoming a traitor or usurper in supportive roles.  Antagonistic purple is prone to paranoia, distrust, and self isolation